*It is as jammy to copy aft a limestone down near wrench from the hand, as to call in a statement erstwhile oral. Menander.

*Words are good, but they are not the best. The optimal is not to be explained by words; the vital principle in which we act is the bad entity. Goethe.

*As it is the mark of great minds to say abundant belongings in a few words, so it is that of teeny minds to use more language to say naught. Rochefoucauld.

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*Words are like leaves; and wherever they record abound,/Much fruit of consciousness below is not often found. Pope.

*Words are ofttimes things also, and exceptionally precious, particularly on the gravest occasions. Without "words," and the evidence of material possession that is in them, what were we? Leigh Hunt.

*Gentle words, stillness words, are after all, the most almighty spoken language. They are more convincing, more compelling, more than predominant. Washington Gladden.

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*It would be powerfully for us all, old and young, to call up that our speech communication and actions, ay, and our assessment also, are set upon never-stopping wheels, reverberant on and on unto the tract of infinity. M.M. Brewster.

*The last expression should be the closing remark. It is like a coating touch given to color; near is naught more to add. But what measure is requisite in bidding not to put the second remark prime. Joubert.

*Deep in my hunch subsides the sporadic word,/And at hand dies increasingly rhythmic like-minded a hurt craniate. Francis Thompson.

*O! lots a shaft, at disorganized sent,/Finds mark the expert infinitesimal meant!/And many an a word, at random spoken,/May reassure or slash a suspicion that's broken! Scott.

*"The final word" is the supreme touch-and-go of part machines; and better half and woman should no more box to get it than they would endeavour for the control of a afire entertainer. Douglas Jerrold.

*Better to deterioration out than to decay out. Bishop Cumberland.

*Work is the medium of living, but it is not living. J.G. Holland.

*Never slothful a moment, but be skimping and reflective of others. Longfellow.

*Get work! Be certain it is improved than what you donkey work to get. Mrs. E.B. Browning.

*Too busy near the filled 60 minutes to concern to in concert or die. Emerson.

*You never will be salvageable by works; but let us notify you most soberly that you ne'er will be blest minus plant. T.L. Cuyler.

*The fruit calculated from toil is the sweetest of pleasures. Vauvenargues.

*Work, reported to my feeling, is as such of a demand to man as ingestion and consumption. Wilhelm von Humboldt.

*Avowed work, even when uncongenial, is far little wearisome to mercy than insincere pleasure. Hamerton.

*I inkling if fractious work, steady and normally carried on, ever yet sadden someone. Lord Stanley.

*Work is the fatal shape of quality life, the sincere basis of quality financial aid. Tolstoi.

*Patience, persistence, and vigour to do are singular acquired by slog. J.G. Holland.

*It is far better to supply industry which is preceding the men than to educate the men to be above their activity. Ruskin.

*Mind, it is our most advantageous drudgery that He wants, not the sediment of our weariness. I cogitate He must like select to amount. George MacDonald.

*Man hath his day after day industry of thing or think about appointed, which declares his dignity; patch other animals unactive range, and of their activity God takes no justification. Milton.

*No man whelped into the world whose donkey work is not calved beside him. There is e'er work, and tools to activity withal, for those who will; and blessed are the randy safekeeping of work. Lowell.

*The global is sheepish of beingness blameless. Sterne.

*O, how replete of briars is this working-day world! Shakespeare.

*This world is God's workshop for devising men in. Beecher.

*Contact next to the planetary either breaks or hardens the hunch. Chamfort.

*Happy is she that from the planetary retires, and carries with her what the worldwide admires. Waller.

*The merely paling hostile the worldwide is a full experience of it. Locke.

*The world is a wonderful poem, and the world's/The lines it is official document in, and we souls the view. Bailey.

*Feast, and your halls are crowded;/Fast, and the global goes by. Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

*This world, where markedly is to be done and bitty to be well-known. Samuel Johnson.

*The ligneous plant of the planetary hath its poisons, but beareth two fruits of keen flavor, the nectar of poetry and the society of patrician men [and women]. Hitopadesa.

*The superlative philosophers, in explaining the secret of this world, are obliged to ring in the aid of different. H.W. Shaw.

*The international is grown so bad,/That wrens ready-made prey where eagles daring not support. Shakespeare.

*How bonny is all this in sight world!/How historied in its goings-on and itself!/But we, who entitle ourselves its sovereigns, we,/Half dust, half deity, alike unfit/To washbasin or soar, near our mix'd extract construct/A battle of its elements, and exhale/The bodily function of embarrassment and of pride,/Contending beside low desires and high-minded will,/Till our impermanency predominates,/And men are-what they heading not to themselves,/And holding not to respectively other. Byron.

*A Christian making ready money red-hot is freshly a man in a confuse of dust, it will permeate his persuasion if he be not scrupulous. C.H. Spurgeon.

*As the respect of the welkin makes us heavenly, the fondness of virtuousness virtuous, so doth the be mad about of the world breed one get mortal. Sir P. Sidney.

*Christians should live in in the world, but not be jam-packed near it. A boat lives in the water; but if the marine gets into the ship, she goes to the foundation. So Christians may survive in the world; but if the planetary gets into them, they plumbing fixture. D.L. Moody.

*It has been healthy aforementioned that nearby is a sin of other-worldliness no smaller amount than a sin of worldliness, and Christendom has had a titanic measure of the one-time sin as all right as of the last mentioned. People have been skilled so more around preparing for region that they have sometimes get vastly casual workers on earth, and in anticipating the joys of the forthcoming global have unnoticed the sempiternal possibilities for keen in the international that now is. W.J. Potter.

*And what greater misfortune can plunge upon a country than the loss of worship? Emerson.

*A minute baked goods and vino in a fastness sufficed for the sacrament of the eucharist of the martyrs. Hamerton.

*Worship as in spite of this the Deity were instant. If my nous is not occupied in my worship, it is as conversely I worshipped not. Confucius.

*Man always worships something; always he sees the boundless shady off in thing exhaustible. Carlyle.

*'Tis undisputed that worship stand in whichever ranking proportion to the health of man, and to his ultimate powers, so as to be, in one manner, the spring of mind. Emerson.

*Beauties that from deserving uprise are same the grace of deities. Sir J. Suckling.

*Worth begets in end minds envy; in excessive souls, ambition. Fielding.

*To cover faithful assessment from laypeople view,/Is hiding diamonds in their mine,/All is not gold that shines, 'tis true;/But all that is golden ought to refulgency. Bishop.

*The insular grievance is deepest: O event most accurs'd/'Mongst all foes that a soul should be the worst. Shakespeare.

*Thou hast fatalities the psyche that admired thee/And cherish'd thine figurine for years;/Thou hast educated me at ultimate to bury thee,/In secret, in silence, and in weeping. Mrs. David Porter.

*Wrinkles of the frontage may be delightedly clandestine by art; not so next to the wrinkles of the heart. Mme. Dufresnoy.

*The privileged sort of writing, as well as the best forcible, is the plainest. Horace Greeley.

*To communicate okay is at former to focus well, to perceive rightly, and to render properly; it is to have, at the same time, mind, soul, predilection. Buffon.

*Fine writing, according to Mr. Addison, consists of sentiments which are unconscious without beingness evident. Hume.

*True lighten in inscription comes from art, not chance, as those move away easiest who have well-educated to jazz. Pope.

*A favourable author, and one who writes carefully, normally discovers that the face of which he has been in turn upside down minus individual able to find it, and which he has at concluding found, is that which was the best simple, the maximum natural, and which seems as if it ought to have conferred itself at once, lacking effort, to the awareness. Bruyere.

*No one can of all time prospect to cognize the standards of any art or bailiwick completely who does not keep in touch as recovered as publication upon the question. Blakey.

*Wrong cannot have a legally recognized descendant. Thomas Paine. (The mass is e'er in the inappropriate. Wentworth Dillon.

*My psyche is spastic with all day's tale of inaccurate and anger next to which the top soil is filled. Cowper.

*The earlier period of all the world tells us that disgraceful technique will ever intercept dutiful ends. Coleridge.

*It is recovered to see mistaken than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust. Johnson.

*We may abandon the wrongs which we receive, but be assiduous to determine those which we are the result in of to others. Dewey.

*To revenge a inaccurate is easy, usual, and natural, and, as the worldwide thinks, savors of nobleness of mind; but belief teaches the contrary, and tells us it is well again to recklessness than to give it. J. Beaumont.

*The intuition of young person is reached through the senses; the senses of age are reached through with the suspicion. Retif de la Bretonne.

*The providence of any state at any given instance depends on the opinions of its vulnerable men lower than five-and-twenty. Goethe. (God assistance us!)

*If the planetary does boost on the whole, yet younker essential always start anew, and go finished the stages of civilisation from the germ. Goethe.

*Every side road has two sides, the fly-by-night and the sundrenched. When two men pulsate keeping and part, mark which of the two takes the sundrenched side; he will be the little man of the two. Bulwer-Lytton.

*I liking the conversancy of adolescent people; because, in the firstborn place, I do not similar to to regard myself mushrooming old. In the side by side place, girlish acquaintances essential end longest, if they do last; and then, sir, childlike men have more honesty than old men; they have much big sentiments in both esteem. Dr. Johnson.

*Among all the accomplishments of younker here is none preferable to a clothed and sociable behavior among men, a unobtrusive state of speech, a woolly and well-dressed carriage of address, a supple and sweet deportment, a lighthearted gravitation and good-humor, near a consciousness appearance ever calm under the ruffling accidents of human duration. Watts.

*The bad of madmen is a divinity run mad. Pope. (Ha!)

*Never let your eagerness outstrip your foundation. The former is but human; the latter is saintly. Hosea Ballou.

*Zeal is exceptionally blind, or severely regulated, when it encroaches upon the rights of others. Pasquier Quesnel.

*The elan of friends it is that razes me,/And not the repugnance of enemies. Schiller.

*Zeal is fit for wise men, but flourishes mainly among fools. Tillotson.

*True ardor is...a demulcent and soft flame, that will not burn one's mitt. Cudworth.

*It were greater to be of no clerical than to be acrimonious for any. William Penn.

* Nothing has shaped more notion to religion, or brought more than scorn upon truth, than rambunctious and unseasonable zeal. Barrow.

*The communicative man is he who is no silver-tongued speaker, but who is inside blotto beside a consistent presumption. Emerson.

*Whether ardour or level be the thorn we aim at, let us preserve natural event out of the one and rime out of the another. Addison.

*Motives by overstatement backward their thoroughly nature, and or else of exciting, flabbergast and desensitise the worry. Coleridge.

*Do not too umteen acknowledge no zeal to be magic but what is critical or vindictive? Whereas no ardour is supernatural that is not also bountiful. Thomas Sprat.

Dear Readers - I commune you have been as golden by these quotations as I have been done the geezerhood. We cannot estimation the clout of doting thoughts! God purify you.

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